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12 August, 2007 (18:30) | Blog | No comments

To B a Comparato, iz a wunderful ting. If U are here then you R either a Comparato and you know dis, or you are someone close 2 a Comparato and U are amazed by the ego presented here, but still agree – 2 B a Comparato, iz a bootiful ting (you want 2 B a Comparato…)

Explore Da Comparato’s, Dream of Being One…

Ifin you are 1, den relish it!

What you can do here:

  1. Waste time.
  2. Look at pictures in the Photo Gallery. BTW: If you ARE a Comparato, LMK and I will get you admin access to the site and you can upload pictures of Comparatos as well!!
  3. Make suggestions for other features – I will listen and implement only the ideas I like – that is called ‘control’. Since the government and our social fabric control most of the rest of me, I can at least have this one dicatorship to govern.